Breech Baby

You just left your OB/midwife appointment and it has been confirmed that your baby is NOT head down and now you are frantically searching the internet, because surely there has to be something you can do to get this baby head down and ready for labor and delivery!  Because you are concerned of the risks of a C-Section and/or it has not been a part of your plan.

By about 32-33 weeks, babies are expected to be head down.  If a baby has not turned head down by 34-35 weeks, it can indicate there is an issue with its position.

A subtle imbalance in the pelvis and associated structures can prevent the baby from having the space to get into an optimal position for birth, which is known as intrauterine constraint. This condition is directly addressed through the Webster Technique helping breech and transverse babies move into the proper head-down birthing position and is proven to have an 86% success rate.

If you have already scheduled your external version, no worries – I can still help you!  By removing any constraint that is limiting your baby from being head down, the baby just might go head down before your appointment.  I have also had mamas that I have adjusted report back to me after an external version that their doctor noted that the baby was easier to move into the proper head down position because their pelvis was in alignment.

If the baby’s position is something you are seeking care for, it is NEVER too late to receive an adjustment, however it is ideal before 37 weeks – so let’s get started today and allow you the vaginal birth you desire!

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