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Why Take Supplements?

Your body needs vitamins and minerals daily to keep you healthy and fit. Vitamins and minerals are nutrients needed in small quantities to keep your body working properly. Every part of your body requires them - your vision, your digestion, your heart, your circulation system, your muscles, your skin, your hair, and your brain.

Taking supplements helps to ensure that you get the proper quality and quantity of these nutrients. Taking supplements helps make up for deficits caused by our stress-filled lives, poor diets and foods that give less than optimum nutrition caused by poor quality soil, genetic factors, and air pollution.

An insufficient supple of vitamins and minerals affects us right down to the level of our cells. Taking a daily multi-vitamin could lower risks for chronic conditions such as heart disease and colon cancer.

According to a report released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2004, more than half of adults did not get enough calcium, Vitamin E, fiber and potassium. Many adults were deficient in Vitamins A and C and magnesium as well.

A good quality basic multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplement is one of the cheapest health insurance options available!

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